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The Skyway Railroad has developed an affordable streamlined web-based app called the Skyway Connect. This innovative application will allow ministries to easily capture, analyze, and report outcomes for ministries who conduct outreach to venues known for trafficking, including online. After a year of gathering data, our goal is to increase partners' capacities by applying collaboratively nationally for grants to help fund outreach by the Christian community. In addition, uniform capture and reporting will demonstrate the faith community's impact, paving the way to influence policy decisions.  

Traffickers Coordinate Nationally

Why Don't Christians?

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Many small ministries can't afford and don't use integrated technology resulting in poor efficiency, limited accountability, deficiencies in reporting outcomes, and an inability to make data-informed decisions

Call Center


Our Call Center custom app will help you scrape and locate escort advertisements in your region, provide all the data your team will need to make calls (including images), capture outcomes for each call, and easily export reports

Field Outreach App

Our Field Outreach custom app will help you document numbers and demographics of sex trafficking victims you are reaching during street, strip club, massage parlor, casino, hotel, and truck stop/bus stop outreaches

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As a Skyway Connect partner, we will train your team through our dynamic webinars and you will have access to all the materials needed to facilitate outreach using best practices.  We have several decades of experience, conducting thousands of outreaches and grant management. 

SC Overview
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Our founder is a licensed attorney in two states with over 2 decades of experience in ministry and government, developing and implementing best practices in outreach and rehabilitation, as well as managing multi-million dollor grants

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Becoming a Partner

All partners apply, interview, and enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Skyway Railroad. We work with every ministry to individualize resources specific for your needs

Call Center


We believe your ministry should spend your financial resources reaching and restoring those you serve and we don't want costs to be a prohibitive factor in you becoming part of the Skyway family. We, therefore, have limited scholarships available and also created creative ways of how your ministry can not only gain access to our applications, but also use the implementation as a fundraiser to cover the nominal Skyway Connect costs with any additional revenue going directly to your organization to expand the already amazing work you do. We have strategic and creative ways of how you can implement our resources in your jurisdiction at no cost to you. 

Field Outreach
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Apply Today

  • Uniform capture and reporting of data

  •  Streamlined processing

  • Identification of gaps in services leading to data-driven decision

  • Policy advocacy

  • Scraping the web, minimizing time spent on escort websites

  • Future joint applications for grant/foundation funding leading to increased capacity

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