Christian organizations overwhelmingly do not use integrated technology for case management which results in: poor efficiency; limited accountability; deficit in reporting outcomes, and; an inability to make data informed decisions.  Many small organizations are completing intake assessments, case notes, case plans and all other client documents with "paper/pen" and in some cases may have rudimentary Excel spreadsheets.  Those who do use case management platforms often spend thousands of dollars each month for subscriptions, ultimately decreasing the amount spent on direct services. 
The Skyway Railroad is developing an affordable streamlined web based encrypted data management system for Skyway partners to capture, analyze and report outcomes (number and demographics of those served) that will enable:
  • Uniform capture and reporting of data
  • Streamlined processing
  • Joint applications for grant/corporate funding, leading to increased capacity
  • Identification of gaps in services that can assist in making data driven decisions
  • Policy advocacy
Our goal is to provide tools for outreach teams, hotline and call centers, food pantries, and housing programs to use uniform technology at an affordable price.  If your organization is interested in more information, please email

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