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Did you know?  Every year thousands of women and girls are flown to the National Football Championship game and sexually exploited, many of whom are reported missing children. Resources report that human traffickers actualize a $31.6 billion annual profit and special events that draw large crowds like the national football championship game are lucrative opportunities for the sexual exploitation of individuals.

The Skyway Railroad founded a Task Force comprised of federal, state and local law enforcement, and non-profits in the cities where the national championship game is located. We've had a hotline, outreach, and rescue teams on the ground the week of the games since Phoenix in 2015. Every year we go into venues known for trafficking (strip clubs, massage parlors, casinos, streets, hotels) and give thousands of roses, gift bags, and prayer. This year we want to bring thousands of bags to the next major sporting event to help reach women. Each bag costs approximately $3 and you can help us reach our goal by donating today.

How many will you reach?

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A tattoo removal we helped facilitate with Ink 180 during outreach at the 2018 Football Championship Game. This survivor's trafficker branded her three decades ago in the 1980's and the tattoo has served as a daily visual reminder of the trauma.

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